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Tuscan Cacio E Pepe topped with Bruschetta

Bruschetta Ingredients:

  • 3 medium tomatoes

  • Fresh basil

  • 1 white onion

  • Olive oil

  • Salt & pepper

Bruschetta Directions:

  1. Dice the tomatoes and onion and add them to a bowl.

  2. Chop the fresh basil and add it to the mixture (Add as much or as little as you'd like. Typically I use about 2 tbsp.)

  3. Add roughly 2 tbsp of olive oil and the salt and pepper to the mixture.

  4. Stir well and let chill in the fridge until serving.

Pasta Ingredients:

  • Spaghetti noodles (Really any pasta will work for this. I enjoy orzo as well.)

  • 2 tsp black pepper

  • Salt

  • 2 tbsp of unsalted butter

  • 1 cup of tuscan blend cheese

Pasta Directions:

  1. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. (The water should be noticeably salty to the taste)

  2. Add the pasta and cook until al dente.

  3. Reserve 1/2 a cup of the pasta water after the pasta has finished cooking and then drain the rest.

  4. In the same pot you cooked the pasta in, add 2 tbsp of butter, 2 tsp of black pepper, 1 (heaping) cup of tuscan blend cheese and the 1/2 cup of pasta water. Stir the ingredients together (off the heat) until the cheese melts and everything is creamy. The heat from the pasta water should melt the cheese, but if it sat too long, cook the cheese mixture on med-low heat until melted and creamy.

  5. Now, add the pasta to the pot and toss it in the creamy mixture.

  6. Top with bruschetta and you're ready to eat!

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